Golden Gate Heights Park is a unique property that offers full-service recreation in a small area. It has an old-growth forest with social trails, two playing fields, tennis courts, a playground, panoramic views of the Sunset and Pacific Ocean,and a Natural Areas Program feature within the endangered Green Hairstreak Butterfly Corridor. This is truly a magical site with great potential.

Currently: A Neglected Treasure

Despite its idyllic setting and potential as a city-wide attraction, the park infrastructure and grounds are falling apart and have not been renovated since the park’s creation. What little is left of the playground equipment is failing and leaches arsenic; families with children have written it off as useless; potholes and cracks in the paved pathways hamper all and prevent the most vulnerable from navigating the grounds safely; there are no accessible entrances; the fields are poorly drained, sloped and full of potholes; trees are aging, dangerous and there is no reforestation plan; the park furniture is rotting or absent; the understory is overridden by invasive species; the tennis courts need resurfacing; the Natural Areas Program (NAP) dunes suffer from severe erosion and lack of plantings.

But the setting is gorgeous with potential benefits too great to ignore. That is why our community has come together to imagine what Golden Gate Heights Park can become and create a plan for renovation and transformation to serve current and future generations.